about me:
diana + paige
prns: she/her + moo/moo + it/its (ask me about them if u want)
18 yrS. old
asd + adhd, DID, psychosis
transfem & cowgender
polyamorous lesbian
chinese and indigenous peruvian (mixed asian, indigenous and latine)

interests:current special interests are...
- music and fashion as a whole
- graphic design
- rhythm games
- contemporary and abstract art
- deconstructed club music
- black midi (the band)
- a dance of fire and ice
- drain gang & bno
- cows
- avant-jazz

dni if:
- fit standard DNI criteria
- are an nsfw account
- are a pedo, zoo, or proship account
if i block you it's because of these reasons or i am just not comfortable with you, nothing personal :)